The Importance of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Over 15,000 dryers vent fires occur each year. The most common cause? Failure to clean the dryer vents.


Commonly Asked Questions

Air System Cleaning
Full-service air system cleaning not only includes cleaning out your air ducts, but should also include cleaning your furnace/air handler. This is the heart of the air system and should be cleaned as well.

Air Duct Cleaning
Air duct cleaning includes only the cleaning of your air ducts, not your furnace or air handler. There are 2 main reasons you might need to only clean your air ducts. (1) Your air handler has been recently replaced or has already recently been cleaned by a service company. (2) The customer chooses not to clean the air handler after understanding the full benefits of air system cleaning.

If anyone in your home or office suffers from allergies, breathing or respiratory problems, or if you notice dust inside your home or office here in Las Vegas, you should consider having your air system cleaned.

There are two main reasons you should have your air system cleaned. First, you and your family (or employees) will be breathing cleaner air. Is there anything more important than the health of your loved ones and employees? Secondly, having a clean air system saves money on your energy bill. A clean air system runs more efficiently, and reduces costs for heating and cooling your home.

  • You’ve noticed a buildup of dust in your home or building.

  • You’ve seen an increase in your energy bills.

  • Your employees or loved ones have breathing problems, allergies, and respiratory illnesses.

  • You have pets at home.


The Company You Can Trust in the Las Vegas Valley

Eco Friendly has been a leader in air system cleaning in the Las Vegas and Henderson Valley. To fill a void in Green Indoor Air Quality,  Eco Friendly has provided services to a wide range of customers for their homes and facilities - hotel/casinos, hospitals, factories, utility plants, schools, and banks, along with general commercial and retail buildings.

Why is Eco Friendly Air Conditioning and Heating the most trusted name in air duct cleaning in the Las Vegas and Henderson area?

  • Satisfied customers
  • A fully staffed customer service department
  • Locally owned and operated - not a franchise

In our Las Vegas facility, Eco Friendly Air system cleaning equipment, air filters and air system cleaning supplies, which are used by companies all over the world.

Our products are backed up with comprehensive in-house training programs. In addition, the Eco Friendly Air has the reputation of being the highest quality equipment in the world.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, it is a good idea to have your air system examined and decontaminated:

  1. Have you noticed a buildup of dust in your home or building lately?
  2. Have you seen an increase in your energy bills?
  3. Does anyone in your home or building have breathing problems, allergies, or respiratory illnesses?
  4. Do you have pets living inside your home?