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Hello, this is Sofia Maffioli, President of Eco Friendly Air.

Our sincere gratitude for stopping by and checking out our website. First and foremost, the fact that you’re here indicates that you have an air conditioning repair problem. Second, if you have a large number of ducts and, more importantly, if you have allergies and need professional duct cleaning. Not to worry, we’ve got plenty of environmentally friendly air conditioning Las Vegas expert repair technicians waiting to be dispatched to your location and restore your comfort once more. Eco Friendly Air in Las Vegas is your one-stop-shop. Read on if you’d like to learn a little more about our company!

Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Trusted Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning Las Vegas  Repair Professional

Eco Friendly Air has a unique perspective on how an air conditioning and heating company should operate in today’s society. All of our employees and customers understand the importance of being aware of their impact on the environment. We work every day to find new solutions to the energy crisis we all face today. We accomplish this by focusing exclusively on energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment.

There is no doubt that environmentally friendly air conditioning Las Vegas technicians are essential to our lives here in Las Vegas, but did you know that an air conditioning unit can consume as much as 70% of your electricity bill? Isn’t that insane? At least one person in our neighborhood pays the utility company $500–$700 a month to keep their homes warm and cozy. To make matters worse, too many customers are being ripped off by HVAC companies that make outrageous promises just to sell a new Air Conditioning and Heating system. Not only do they fail to deliver on those promises, but they also poorly install the latest equipment. In either case, the customer suffers a loss.

Eco Friendly Air is now a very successful and environmentally friendly air conditioning Las Vegas local company that knows how to treat its customers and genuinely wants to make a difference in our community. Each technician and installer we hire is highly trained. Before being hired, they must meet with Sofia Maffioli, the president herself, in her own home to ensure that they are trustworthy before sending them into your home. Whether you need a new high-efficiency air-conditioning system to slash your power bill in half, or you need an expert repair technician to fix or improve the one you already have, give us a call. We can work together to be more Eco Friendly! Join our Circle today, and allow us to bring you joy!

Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning Las Vegas


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