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Eco-Friendly Air takes great pride in providing you with exceptional heating repair solutions. Our highly skilled professionals are qualified to help maintain, install, and repair equipment. As a dedicated company to achieving the best results, we offer heating equipment and services that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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As a leading heating system repair and maintenance provider, Eco friendly Air takes great pride in providing excellent customer service and cost-effective assistance. Our heating repair technicians in Las Vegas and Henderson have helped countless homeowners, and we can help you, too. A well-functioning heating system can reduce your carbon footprint, keep your home comfortable, and lower your utility costs. If your heating unit isn’t working correctly, don’t hesitate to call our highly regarded Las Vegas and Henderson heating company!

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Common Symptoms of a Broken Heating Unit

Having a heating system that is properly maintained and working correctly can keep your home warm and reduce your home utility bill costs. If you feel like your system may not be working correctly, we recommend keeping an eye on the common symptoms of a broken heater.

Here are some common symptoms that may indicate that your heating unit needs service:

  • Won’t turn on
  • Blowing cold air/no warm air
  • Weird noises
  • Fan is not blowing
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • Faulty pilot light
  • Leaking or dripping
  • Faulty wiring
  • Burned-out capacitor

What furnace sounds could mean:


You may have a dirty burner that is not igniting correctly. Inspecting and cleaning these is part of fall home maintenance.


Usually a belt problem. You may need to replace the belt connecting the motor to the fan. If your furnace stops working or is not working in optimal condition, we can help you bring it back into excellent shape. Whether your unit needs simple maintenance or a complete replacement, we have seen everything when it comes to furnace problems, and we have the expertise to restore the heating system in your home.


Your ductwork is probably expanding or contracting as it warms up and cools down because of the temperature fluctuation.


You may have loose panels that need to be tightened or replaced.


This happens when the motor bearing has an issue.

Sounds Your Furnace Might Make

It’s understandable to be concerned if your furnace is making a lot of noise. If you notice any of the following sounds coming from your furnace, you should immediately contact a furnace repair professional in Las Vegas or Henderson.

Heating Preventative Maintenance Secure Your Money

Maintenance is essential if you want your heating system to last as long as possible. Preventative care for your heating system improves efficiency, extends your system’s life, and helps avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns. Preventative maintenance is essential right before the cold season when your unit will be suddenly strained after being idle for a long time. The second thing to remember is that some warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid. It’s advisable to determine whether this is the case to avoid voiding your system’s warranty.

Gas Furnace

A fully modulating furnace provides the ultimate comfort and efficiency by integrating cutting-edge technology. The advanced technology allows the equipment to constantly calibrate itself to ensure the best possible performance year after year.

  • Up to 97.3% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)
  • Communicating Capability
  • Fully Modulating Heat

Mini Split

This type of system, which is regarded as an industry leader in split-ductless heating and air-conditioning technology, consists of three major components:

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Controller

Its Inverter technology maximizes energy savings by ensuring that only the electricity required to cool or heat an area is used.

Why a Furnace Safety Inspection and Cleaning is Necessary?

The fact that furnaces produce carbon monoxide means that it is essential to have a furnace checked for leaks so that this poisonous gas doesn’t get into the air you breathe.

If you notice any of the following, you should call a professional heating technician:

  • You are experiencing frequent dull heartache, weakness, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, and confusion. Carbon monoxide leaks can cause this, and they should be fixed as soon as possible. CO can leak out of your furnace through the flue vent if your heat exchanger is cracked, which is why you should have your furnace serviced every year.
  • You’ve discovered a nest of birds in your flue vent. If they have made home or even died in the vent, the restricted airflow can trap excess carbon monoxide.
  • Your air filter is dirty. It is critical to regularly replace your air filter to avoid dirt and clogging the condenser coil. This reduces the ability of air to flow freely, which can raise the temperature in your home when the heat is turned on. Replacing your filter monthly is a solution.

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