HVAC Eco Friendly Air Solutions

HVAC Eco Friendly Air Solutions 

Having a working and reliable HVAC in Las Vegas (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is something that most homeowners take for granted until something goes wrong.



HVAC systems provide us with comfortable indoor temperatures and good indoor air quality, which are essential for our health and comfort.

When your HVAC system stops working properly, it can become an emergency situation that requires immediate attention. Whether you’re dealing with the frigid cold of winter or the sweltering heat of a Las Vegas summer, you don’t have time to waste when your HVAC fails.

Emergency services are critical, and you need a team of HVAC experts on your side that can help at any time. Here’s what you need to know about emergency HVAC services and why they are so important.

What Constitutes an HVAC Emergency?

Several situations would warrant calling for emergency HVAC repair services. Let’s take a look at some situations you should never sleep on when they arise.

Complete System Failure

If your HVAC system stops blowing air entirely, meaning neither the heating nor cooling works, this constitutes a system failure emergency. 


Being left without temperature control puts individuals at risk in extreme hot or cold weather. System failures require professional diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.

HVACGas Leaks

Call emergency service immediately if you smell gas from your HVAC equipment, suspect a gas leak somewhere, or see the pilot light is out. Call Us your Eco Friendly HVAC Professionals.


Gas leaks are extremely hazardous and can cause illness, fire, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Even if you just suspect gas is leaking on your property, turn off the gas valve and vacate the area until a technician can come out, determine the situation and fix the leak.


Carbon Monoxide Leak

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can leak from malfunctioning heating equipment and cause poisoning. Symptoms of CO poisoning include dizziness, nausea, chest pain, and confusion. Since CO is odorless, always ensure your home’s CO detectors are powered up properly. If your CO detector goes off, it could save your life. Leave your home and call 911 and an HVAC technician immediately. Learn More

No Air Conditioning in Extreme Heat or Freezing Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can be dangerous for certain individuals, especially the elderly, sick, and young children. If your home’s air conditioner stops working during a heat wave, it could risk your family’s health. It can take mere minutes for intense temperatures to become a life-threatening situation.

Similarly, living without heat in below-freezing winter temperatures can threaten your safety.

HVAC Eco Friendly

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