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Roger B.

Google verified job · Our main A/C unit gave out on a 108° Las Vegas Saturday afternoon. The outside unit had made a loud sound a few times which were heard throughout the house. I went out and heard it make a banging sound upon startup and determined that wasn't a good thing. I shut off the power to it and, after doing a little research, called Eco Friendly Air - the scheduler said Jeff will be out in an hour. More often than not, that promised wait time is missed, but not from this company. Jeff made it with time to spare. Jeff immediately reconnected the power and this time, the compressor only made a growling hum. He did a few other tests to rule out other problems and determined the problem was isolated to the compressor. Since the unit was still under warranty, a replacement would require the manufacturer's approval which couldn't be done on a Saturday afternoon. Long story short, Jeff returned a few days later with Ofir, a trainee. They proceeded to replace the compressor, re-braze the connections, pressure and vacuum check the system, refill with freon, and start it up. Jeff is very personable throughout and explained what to expect with warranty process and how long it might take. He reviewed the steps of replacing the compressor as he and Ofir were performing them as well as explaining them to me. My wife has occasionally heard noises coming from our smaller unit (of course it didn't happen when the Jeff and the equally personable Ofir were here) and, if the need arises, we will definitely be calling Eco Friendly again.

Thomas G.

Google verified job · AC went out this morning, so I specifically looked for an AC emergency repair this weekend when I called.
The reviews were very positive, and I can see why.
 As soon as I called early this morning, they were the only business I called that answered right away instead of making me leave a emergency voicemail and waiting for a call back like other businesses.
This was good because I definitely needed to have a game plan together to prepare for the incoming heat, it was going to be 110 out and I was not looking forward to. 
When they answered they immediately made plans with me to respond in a few hours and was here right on time when they said they would be. 
They were, in and out, fixed our problem and seemed very affordable. The diagnosis was included in with the cost for repair if we chose to allow them to do the repair.
 Saving this company as a favorite now in case we have future issue.

Joe W.

Google verified job · If you’re looking for a great heating and cooling company, then you have found it with Eco Friendly Air. I have the pleasure of dealing with these guys and tonight my heater unit went out at my house. They got me all taken care of within an hour. The tech is what I refer to as one in a million and what I mean by that is that his integrity comes first. He was able to help me understand how to make my heater last longer and the other technician was friendly as well. I will be recommending this company to all my friends and relatives.

Bradley S.

Google verified job · This is the first time I’ve hired a Eco Friendly. The experience was really good. Amazing the job done right in at a fair price. The technician was very polite, and did a great job in fixing the problems. He took his time explaining everything to me and recommended things to expect. I’ve lived in Vegas for a lot of years and dealt with a lot of companies for a long time, so far, this company is the best. I finally found a company I can trust. Highly recommend!

Irene H.

Google verified job · I wrote a review about how professional the technicians were and I didn't mention the lady who took my call and understood my circumstance. She didn't put me on hold. I could hear her running down the hall to a supervisor. She saved us, the supervisor Phillip saved us! Thank you, Irene and Brian.

Antonio C.

Google verified job · SOLID 5 stars. Absolutely SOLID 5 stars. 
It's been a few years since I had someone check out my HVAC system. I knew my system needed to be looked at.
Air conditioning repair guys typically are shady, I am always afraid of getting ripped off. We carefully researched Google and found Eco Friendly Heating & Air Conditioning. We were quoted a service fee which sounded more than fair. Received numerous texts reconfirming our appointment - yup, even better.
Tom showed up today perfectly on time. He was careful with my house, even wore protective shoe covers. He thoroughly checked out my system, spent considerable time cleaning my unit. He told me I have great equipment and to just have him back twice a year to check things out.
Tom was the nicest guy, complete pleasure having him service my system. I have never been more pleased with any worker.
I thank you guys for being honest and reliable. You will be the only AC guys allowed on my property moving forward.

Charles T.

Google verified job · Wish I could give them more than five stars. Amazing and quick service! I have a rental property in Las Vegas and my tenants called me to let me know when they got home from work the AC wasn’t working. Summers in Las Vegas are no joke, so I tried to find someone to hopefully come out in the next 24 hours, then found the Eco. I called Eco that evening and they were out to the property to fix the issue the next morning! Super quick, super affordable, and a really nice guy! I can’t say enough good things about him! You won’t be disappointed!

Lance G.

Google verified job · I know why Eco Friendly Air and crew get great reviews. They are prompt and honest. My AC was not blowing cold air. They had me turn off the unit to make sure no further damage occurs. They could have just charged a service fee and taking a vantage of me. When I call later in the evening to let them know that the unit was not blowing, they were at my place by 6 AM. I highly recommend their services!

Edward T.

Google verified job · We got a little nervous when we smelled something burning throughout our house, clearly coming from the AC. Eric came over immediately, and found that the circuit board wasn't working, thereby causing the blower not to function. Although we had a fairly non-standard AC, Eric located a new circuit board, installed it, and we're back in business. Quick, thorough, professional, pleasant. Highly recommended. Great service, knowledgeable technician and arrived on time. Will definitely use again if having problem again.

Eric M.

Google verified job · Wow! Add me to the very long list of customers who highly recommend this business.
 Had the pleasure of meeting Tom who came by on short notice to evaluate a AC noise problem. Isolated & fixed things right away, very efficient, super friendly, no sales pressure whatsoever & answered all my questions in an expert manner about what's involved if I want to upgrade to a new heating and air conditioning system.
Tom knows what he's doing! Call them!

Jenifer S.

Google verified job · Great service! The gentleman helped us with everything and he was super patient with us. Air conditioning problems aren’t easy to deal with and Tech was super patient informative and explained all our options. At the end it was our decision knowing everything that was going on. Good company to use will definitely use them again!

Michael B.

Google verified job · This company is very professional and provides great service. I even got a chance to ask about duct cleaning and Eco Friendly Air Provided some insight on that. Great service and they are able to get there the same day! Super knowledgeable and trustworthy for sure. Thank you again!

Kiki N.

Google verified job · Oh my God!! I would have given these folks 100 stars if I could. I initially called and actually communicated with a manager, yes a manager. I was really impressed that the manager of the company was answering you when to come out himself if needed. When I called to schedule the appointment the dispatcher scheduled an appointment that was agreeable with my schedule. Our appointment was set and Tom Arrived a day early. A happy mix up. Tom was courteous, informative and fast. He had us up and running in less than an hour. The price was just the icing on the cake - very reasonable. Color me a very happy and cool customer. Thank you!!

Daniel V.

Google verified job · The most Professional Air Conditioning Guys you have ever had in our home. Replaced our Heating system with one that reduces our summer electric bills by 50%. Very clean and efficient installation. Cleaned and repaired all of our ducts and vents. We could not have been more impressed. Nice guys too, explained everything clearly and concisely.

Michael G.

Google verified job · Google! Can I give this company 10 stars instead of 5? What I can say, they are professional, considerate and the price is decent. The guys came out and diagnose the problem with my AC unit and they were able to find the problem right away. Both were very professional. They went above and beyond to make sure that everything is OK before they left. I’m so glad I found them on Google. I already recommended them to our neighbor and definitely will call them again if I need their service. Thank you guys!

Michael M.

Google verified job · Our A/C went out on the hottest day this year. I called up Eco Friendly Air and they made it out in just a few hours. They were very apologetic that they wrote down the wrong address and still made it in two hours. Anyway, their technician came out and replaced a part and batta bing bada boom... The AC was working again. They also cleaned out my coil. These guys knew what they were doing, we had the unit up and running quickly and they were totally honest. I was expecting a recommendation for a new A/C and a quote in the thousands. Not so... The unit I had just needed some TLC. Call these guys. They know their stuff. I highly recommend using Eco Friendly Air.

Jordan B.

Google verified job · I reached out, technician arrived early that morning. The company name fits them like a glove very friendly, nice, and knowledgeable. He took his time checking the unit through found the problem and fixed it right away. I highly recommended them. They deserve a five star rating. This is the best air conditioning company I have ever worked with.

Pamela S.

Google verified job · This is the first time I hired Eco Friendly. The experience was really good. Highly recommend! Job done right and the price was fair. The technician was very polite and did a great job in fixing the problems. He took the time explaining everything to me and recommended things to expect. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for a lot of years and dealt with companies for a long time, so far, his company is the best.

Mark G.

Google verified job · The technician came and I was really pleased with their service. They were very honest and trustworthy. One of the technicians got the unit working again, they were able to fix the problem. It was up and running it made my family very happy. I have other companies come out here and you could tell they had zero clue what they were doing. Will be using them again for sure!

Sean M.

Google verified job · Mario from Eco Friendly Air did a fine job diagnosing and repairing an older AC unit on my rental, did a repair for a much more reasonable price than other 5-star AC company that first diagnosed the problem, and who told us to replace the unit. I was very satisfied with the work they were able to accomplish and I believe they deserve a 5 Star rating.

Jason H.

Google verified job · As always, efficient, professional and get the job done. Having been using this family run company for about two years and they’ve never let me down. All the technicians who come out are super friendly, and we’re always happy to recommend their business.

Jasmine K.

Google verified job · I reached out on Sunday, Tom the technician arrives at 8am. Tom was awesome, nice, and a professional. He spent his time looking through everything and fixed it right away. The service fee cost is reasonable. I highly recommended Tom. They deserve a five star rating.

Mark A.

Google verified job · I absolutely love this company. Have friendly techs. Tom came out to work on an issue with our AC. He was not only knowledgeable and he was also friendly and personable. It's always nice when there is a connection and you're not just treated as a number. I'm so happy that we found this company, they will forever get our business and recommendations.

Roger L.

Google verified job · Eco Friendly Air helped us out big time, good men and good service! Very clean, professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend.

Michael B.

Google verified job · These guys were prompt and professional, and the serviceman gave me insight into my AC that I had never heard from anyone else, despite having had people out to repair the AC every year or two for the past 8 years. So far, so good. I am rating the service call, 5 stars.

Glen H.

Google verified job · Definitely recommend this company for any AC needs. Technician was very informative and professional. With this crazy weather we've been experiencing didn't want to risk not having a working unit once summer comes. The response and service time was quick and very effective.

Alleyne C.

Google verified job · This company has good customer service and they always give me a call before they show up. After they showed up, they were very courteous and explained what they did to customers in great detail. Tech is the supervisor and he is great to work with. I will recommend this company for other people.

Pritchett T.

Google verified job · This company is amazing, the team of guys and office staff are super helpful and professional. They make our experience super easy and satisfying. Very clean and knowledgeable. Their lead technician Jeff was amazing along with the other techs and Super happy with these guys and Highly recommend using Eco Friendly Air!!!

Ryan M.

Google verified job · Ofir Was excellent, fast and friendly. We’ve used them several times for years and are never disappointed. Would highly recommend Eco Friendly Air.

Evan M.

Google verified job · Very glad I found this company, they are very professional and made sure to answer all my questions when they came out. Will be using them again.

Bradley H.

Google verified job · All I have to say is wow, these guys are the nicest, most professional service I have dealt with. We had scheduled a time for a Tuesday for them to come in and look at my AC unit because it was making a crazy noise. They came in, he gave me a few possible issues that it could be and then just went right into diagnosing the problem. After testing it out for about 20-30 mins he found nothing to be wrong with the AC unit with the exception that the compressor may make a noise every once in a while if it runs hard on a hot day. Total cost for this visit was the service fee! That's good service and when the time comes I will have them service our AC unit again. Highly highly recommend these guys!

Nick E.

Google verified job · Glad I chose this company to work on my AC unit. Had an issue this summer with my house cooling down. The technician (Jeff) did an awesome job diagnosing the issue and suggesting solutions. Will use company for future AC needs.

Dawn H.

Google verified job · Jeff was great! He identified the issue right away and was able to resolve it, restoring my home to its 73-degree glory. Thanks Jeff!

Quincy F.

Google verified job · Tom was great, and the service was so fast I called little after 6AM on a Sunday and Tom was at my door at 8AM. I couldn't be happier with the service. My air hasn't worked this well before.

Dee Be.

Google verified job · They offer excellent customer service and we look forward to using their services. It’s obvious they care about satisfying the customer.

Sonia M

Google verified job · Excellent company and staff! Thank you Phillip. Your technicians Tom and Jessie did an awesome job! They were professional, knowledgeable, they explained all procedures and answered every question with patience and compassion. I’m very happy with the complete Duct work service they provided. Kudos to them and thank you again for a job well done!!