#1 What Is a Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning System?

One of the most common applications of environmentally friendly energy for homeowners is the implementation of environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology.
Broadly speaking, any time a heating or cooling unit is classified as “environmentally friendly,” that means it is going to use less energy than a standard air conditioning system. Generally, environmentally friendly air conditioning systems can reduce energy consumption by 30 to 50%. The less energy and fuel you use, the better it for the environment for this reason the classification of “environmentally friendly.” Using technology that is more energy-efficient also offers additional benefits, including significant savings for the homeowner.

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The Most Common Types of Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning Equipment

• Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps: Dual-fuel heat pumps combine an electric heat pump and a gas furnace to create a more energy-efficient unit. These units are an extremely eco-friendly solution that comes with a special feature that prompts the unit to switch from electric to gas heat when the temperature dips under 35 degrees.

• Geothermal Heat Pumps: Its popularity has significantly risen in recent years among commercial property owners and homeowners. Geothermal heat pumps draw heat from the ground and store it in a looped piping system. When the temperature drops outside, heat in the pipes is released and brought inside to warm the space. In the summer, this process is reversed and heat from the air is transferred through the pipes back to the ground outdoors. The temperature underground cools the refrigerant in the system when the weather gets warm and then returns cool air to your property. Learn more

• Ice-Powered Air Conditioning Units: Air Conditioning units powered by ice? Yes, this is a real thing. As opposed to using Freon, ice-powered air conditioning freezes roughly 450 gallons of water during the night through a process known as “ice changing.” Then, in the morning, it switches into cooling mode to condition the air in a building for six-hour increments. Once the ice is completely melted, the unit automatically shuts off and the property is once again cooled by a regular AC unit. Many commercial properties have begun implementing this environmentally friendly technology in order to reduce energy consumption and save money.

• Hydronic Systems: Hydronic air conditioning systems, which use circulating water to heat or cool your home, have existed for decades. Technically, even a radiator you might find in an older apartment counts as hydronic heating equipment. Over time, however, hydronic heating has become a lot more advanced. Hydronic systems can use in-floor piping, radiators, baseboards or even roofing to create comfortable temperatures in your home by transferring heat through conduction, convection, or radiation.

• Wind Power Systems: Wind power systems actually use small wind turbine-generated water heaters which, unlike standard water heaters that run on electricity or fuel, can be installed in any locations on your property that are exposed to wind.

• Quiet Duct Wrap: Quiet duct wrap is constructed using recycled denim. This product reduces both air loss and heat gain in your ductwork to protect your home from excess moisture, air currents and radiant heating.

• Solar Energy Systems: As our technicians at Eco Friendly Air know firsthand, there are a number of solar panel options that can help provide heating and cooling relief to your home. Moreover, installing solar panels automatically ensures that your existing air conditioning system will not have to work as hard, thereby reducing overall energy consumption and providing greater savings over time.

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Why Switch to a Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning System?

The average environmentally friendly air conditioning system not only reduces operating costs, it also requires less maintenance, is more reliable and provides long-term efficiency. Green air conditioning system can pay for itself over time in the amount of savings it offers.
At Eco Friendly Air, you can rely on us for cutting-edge environmentally friendly air conditioning equipment designed to last for years to come.


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